Safe Working At Height

Safe Working At Height

Once upon a time, safe working at height involved having someone footing your ladder for you, but times have changed.

It was not uncommon for workplace accidents due to a lack of safe working practices. Access platforms have revolutionised working at height, providing a stable working platform, flexible enough to allow access to any out of reach area.

From stock picking in warehouses, through to construction and maintenance of tall structures for decorators, electricians and plumbers, access platforms including; scissor lifts, cherry pickers, boom lifts, as well as personnel and materials hoists, there is a practical access solution for any application.

Keeping staff safe at work is a critical component of running a successful business. Motorised access platforms, powered by diesel, battery or mains electricity can be quickly and easily moved and adjusted for different working heights.

The alternative is to construct scaffolding or a scaffold tower, which is more maneuverable than traditional scaffolding, but requires precautions to maintain stability and prevent it from falling over.

Access platforms are designed to be stable at height, providing a safe and secure solution for reaching those hard to reach places.

As long as access platforms are used  within their operating limits, platforms are safe on a variety of surfaces, even rough ground as long as you remain within their operational limits.

Training for personnel operating access platforms is an important part of the process, providing knowledge and safety information so all your staff and employees are safe in the workplace.

Cherry pickers and scissor lifts are the most commonly used access platforms. Scissor lifts provide a stable platform ideal for working at height where you don’t have any obstacles in the way.

Cherry pickers offer more flexibility as you can position the basket above obstacles that would otherwise prevent easy access. Spanning gaps in access are easy with cherry pickers (boom lifts).

With long and short term hire options, delivery and collection to site and operator training. Covering Cambridgeshire Access Platform Hire, Liftright Access deliver.

Whether you buy a new or used access platform, or prefer to lease (hire) a suitable, well maintained machine from an access platform hire company, Lift Right Access can provide the perfect machine for your needs, National MEWP access platform hire in the UK.

Bouquet Flower Delivery Bedford

Bouquet Flower Delivery Bedford

Seasonal flowers, beautifully arranged in the display of your choice, devicered to your door in the Bedford area and surrounding counties. Get stunning bouquets, wreaths, sympathy displays and arrangements delivered to someone you love.

Say it with flowers, get beautiful flowers arranged exactly how you want them, and delivered to the address of your choosing at the time of your choosing.

Flowers are good for the soul, lift the spirits and create a warm, homely atmosphere in any home.

Whatever the occasion, flowers are the perfect present or gift to give.

From all the classic blooms, through seasonal flowers and special arrangements, high quality florists can create the arrangement of your choosing, customised perfectly for your intended recipient.

In the Bedford area, choose and you will receive a quality personal service from a family owned business dedicated to creating stunning floral tributes and bouquets that are guaranteed to impress.

Motorized Window Blinds & Automation

Motorised Blinds

He current trend for stylish home furnishings and the increased automation of our homes has led to motorised blinds becoming the latest must have for homeowners at the forefront of modern technology. Paragraph

The convenience of being able to ask Siri or Alexa to raise or lower your blinds collectively or individually is let’s face it also pretty cool.

Home automation is revolutionising the way we live and automated window blinds are just one of the steps that you can take to drag your house kicking and screaming into the 21st-century.

Everything you may wish to automate is coming online on an almost daily basis. Automated window blinds also offer you increased security as you can set them to automatically open close at different times of day even if you’re away from home.

This is an important security feature and will help keep your home safe and secure while you are enjoying your holidays. Modern blinds are increasingly sophisticated and are a far cry from what many of us remember About window blinds when we were children.

Smart homes are the future whether we wish to admit it or not and practical smartness that helps protect your privacy and security is a no-brainer.

Controlling your heating remotely is now second nature for many homeowners as is remote security using video doorbells such as Ring.

Controlling lights motorised blinds and even curtains remotely gives the impression of your home being occupied adding to security and giving you enhanced peace of mind.

With so many different styles of window blind available it has never been easier to find the perfect pattern colour and style to suit your homeAnd your personal taste.

See what blinds are available and make your choice today and take the first step to adding gorgeous motorised window blinds do your home.

Apprenticeships & Traineeships

Apprenticeships – The New Degree Courses

As the cost of university and gaining a degree has gone through the roof, frightening off many would be graduates with the fear of a lifetimes unrepayable debt, apprenticeships and traineeships have grown in popularity.

Following a big governmental push, apprenticeships ar eon the rise with a target of 3 million courses per year by 2020.

An apprenticeship offers school leavers the best of Continue reading “Apprenticeships & Traineeships”

Understanding Search Engine Optimization

How Does Search Engine Optimization Work?

There are two core factors that control your search engine optimization and search rankings. These are your website structure/on-page content and your off-page activity otherwise called link building.

Google determines relevance and compliance by reviewing each page of your website. If you pass the load speed, duplicate content, over optimization filters that remove the lowest quality sites from Googles index of good sites that are elligible to rank, then Google uses the content on your pages to determine your suitability to Continue reading “Understanding Search Engine Optimization”

Mobile Phones In The Car

Mobile Phones In The Car

It is estimated that this year, 2016, the number of smart phones in the UK will be around 42 million units. The number of mobile phones as a whole, collectively over the years, is in untold millions.

The number of people in the UK with driving licenses is around 35 million. Interesting statistics could be drawn from the number of calls, texts, emails, likes, tweets or such, in a twenty-four hour period, divided by the number of driver hours in the same period, and subtract the number of hands-free units.

An impossible task, probably, but what it highlights in a way, is the likely hood of someone using a phone whilst driving is not only positive, but proportional to the number of drivers. That is to say, how many people are, right now, driving and using a mobile device, answer, plenty.

The deterrent for doing so, up until now has been reckoned to be sufficient, but in the wake of several Continue reading “Mobile Phones In The Car”