Apprenticeships & Traineeships

Apprenticeships – The New Degree Courses

As the cost of university and gaining a degree has gone through the roof, frightening off many would be graduates with the fear of a lifetimes unrepayable debt, apprenticeships and traineeships have grown in popularity.

Following a big governmental push, apprenticeships ar eon the rise with a target of 3 million courses per year by 2020.

An apprenticeship offers school leavers the best of both worlds, being able to gain a recognised qualification that will boost their future earnings as well as earning a wage from day one, not building up any debt and gaining very valuable work experience.

Practical training is growing in popularity as class and lecture based further education becomes less practical for many.

Traditional Apprenticeship courses used to be mostly for plumbers, brickies, carpenters etc. the manual trades, but the new apprenticeship is much more varied, covering customer services, sales, retail, administration, human resources, and many more.

Every industry can benefit from apprenticeships. Every industry from cleaning and maintenance throught to the trades can benefit. Cleaning companies have seen a huge resurgence following on from the outbreak of Covid, meaning that skilled cleaning services such as Flex Cleaning, London Commercial and Domestic cleaning contractors offer highly skilled personnel to provide all your cleaning needs.

Learn While You Earn

The ability to earn an income, working four days a week and then spending a fifth day at college, working towards a recognised qualification allows apprentices to self finance their education, and avoiding the massive debts of £40,000 or more that are commonly associated with gaining a degree.