Understanding Search Engine Optimization

How Does Search Engine Optimization Work?

There are two core factors that control your search engine optimization and search rankings. These are your website structure/on-page content and your off-page activity otherwise called link building.

Google determines relevance and compliance by reviewing each page of your website. If you pass the load speed, duplicate content, over optimization filters that remove the lowest quality sites from Googles index of good sites that are elligible to rank, then Google uses the content on your pages to determine your suitability to rank for a particular term of phrase, this is how SEO works.

The better suited your page is for particular terms the more likely you are to climb online & rank well for it. Google also uses user engagement data to qualify your contents usefulness. If you have a high bounce rate then you will drop below any competitor sites with a better bounce rate.

Once Google has done this for all the sites it knows about, it needs to decide which to put in first place, second, third etc. To do this, Google looks at the trust, quality and authority of the websites that link to your page as well as the compliance of your site for mobile compatability (check your websites mobile compatability at ecommerce web design – CRWD) here and if you have the best quality, most relevant websites linking to you – (see Dave Holland for more info) then you will overtake competitors with lower quality sites linking to them.

According to Northampton SEO specialists Deeho, relevance is often misunderstood. Not only do you need contextual links form within topic themed content, but you also need links from sites that pass relevant category signals.

Every page of every site are assigned a link category based on the dominant links that point to them. This means that a page of great content about healthcare will suffer if it is linked to from off topic link category sites such as business / real estate for example. Categories are based on the now defunct DMOZ directory category structure.

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A business sector can have several applicable categories and additionally there are several that cover a wide range of sites such as Regional / Europe which will help any european sites search rankings.

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