Safe Working At Height

Safe Working At Height

Once upon a time, safe working at height involved having someone footing your ladder for you, but times have changed.

It was not uncommon for workplace accidents due to a lack of safe working practices. Access platforms have revolutionised working at height, providing a stable working platform, flexible enough to allow access to any out of reach area.

From stock picking in warehouses, through to construction and maintenance of tall structures for decorators, electricians and plumbers, access platforms including; scissor lifts, cherry pickers, boom lifts, as well as personnel and materials hoists, there is a practical access solution for any application.

Keeping staff safe at work is a critical component of running a successful business. Motorised access platforms, powered by diesel, battery or mains electricity can be quickly and easily moved and adjusted for different working heights.

The alternative is to construct scaffolding or a scaffold tower, which is more maneuverable than traditional scaffolding, but requires precautions to maintain stability and prevent it from falling over.

Access platforms are designed to be stable at height, providing a safe and secure solution for reaching those hard to reach places.

As long as access platforms are used  within their operating limits, platforms are safe on a variety of surfaces, even rough ground as long as you remain within their operational limits.

Training for personnel operating access platforms is an important part of the process, providing knowledge and safety information so all your staff and employees are safe in the workplace.

Cherry pickers and scissor lifts are the most commonly used access platforms. Scissor lifts provide a stable platform ideal for working at height where you don’t have any obstacles in the way.

Cherry pickers offer more flexibility as you can position the basket above obstacles that would otherwise prevent easy access. Spanning gaps in access are easy with cherry pickers (boom lifts).

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